Research Presentation Clinic

Sharpening presentation skills in publications & speeches

Intensive Workshop - Research Presentation Clinic

Science, Engineering and Medical Research Disciplines

Activities to be conducted:

  1. 3-hour intensive workshop
  2. Workshop on presentation skills (written/spoken) in biomedical engineering context
  3. Aim: Sharpening presentation skills in publications/speeches
  4. Topics: additive manufacturing, microfluidics, advanced material, and biotechnology
  5. Activities include
    o Training for narratives and oratory skills
    o Demonstration
    o Exercise/hands-on practice
    o Feedback on exercise
    o Q&A


Number and profile of expected participants:

Current students / recent graduates from science, engineering and medical research disciplines

Space is limited. Selection of participants will be made based on your submitted profile.
Selected participants will be notified by email.


9-11 June 2022 (Thursday-Saturday) 9:30am-12:30pm

Registration deadline:

June 7, 2022


  1. Narratives in science
    Date & Time: June 9, Thu | 9:30 am – 12:30 pm
    Scientists and engineers have a social responsibility to communicate their research findings both within their own community and beyond. But facts and evidence alone are not enough. We need stories to connect and engage people emotionally. In this workshop, you will learn the basic structure of a story and understand the importance of stories in science communication. During the workshop, we will learn how and where to find stories. You will see example stories in science and engineering and discover inspirations for your own paper and presentation. Expect to engage in a variety of oral and written activities and be empowered to tell inspiring and influential stories about your research.
  2. Writing clearly
    Date & Time: June 10, Fri | 9:30 am – 12:30 pm
    Written research articles are a source of knowledge for many of us. We believe certain information we read because we trusted the work was done carefully and reported accurately. In this workshop, you will learn the importance of good, clear and coherent writing in science. During the workshop, we will learn the narrative structure in the Introduction section of a typical research article and understand how to write it. Expect to write during the workshop. Bring paper and pen. No digital devices please.
  3. Speaking to your audience
    Date & Time: 
    June 11, Sat | 9:30 am – 12:30 pm
    Talks are a source of knowledge and entertainment. Speakers who speak clearly with the audience in mind can inspire and move us. In this workshop, we will learn the importance of your audience when planning a presentation. During the workshop, you will plan and present your research to different audiences. Learn to filter information and explain difficult concepts using simple terms. Expect to revise your presentation according to the given scenarios and audiences. Bring paper, pen and laptop containing your most recent research presentation.

Dr. Ai Lin Chun

Ai Lin received her B.Sc in Chemistry from the University of San Francisco in 2001 and Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering from Purdue University in 2006. Her research focused on improving adhesion of orthopaedic implant materials to bone tissue. In 2006, she joined Nature Research (a division of SpringerNature) as one of the founding editors of Nature Nanotechnology. She was responsible for biomedical content on the journal, handling primary research papers in the areas of nanomedicine, biomaterials, environmental, health and safety issues surrounding nanotechnology. She has commissioned, edited, and written numerous articles and editorials for the journal. Between 2014 and 2016, Ai Lin was elected as a member of the World Economic Forum, Global Agenda Council for Nanotechnology, where she joined a team of experts providing scientific intelligence on nanotechnology at the Forum. In 2017, she launched Science Storylab to share her experience and knowledge in scientific research, publishing, and communication. Ai Lin has helped numerous researchers acquire funding and publish in high impact journals. Besides consulting, she teaches science writing and oracy to researchers in academia and industry. She is a certified facilitator in the Lego® Serious Play® method and is based in Hong Kong.